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DB7 GT Prototype For Sale

Aston Martin DB7GT Prototype – SDV19 – Chassis no. 300009 – 86228 miles

First registered on the 7th April 1999 and owned by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd until 2006. Sold through the dealership network via HWM and purchased in 2008 by the current third owner. This is the very last DB7 sold by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

The colour scheme is Solway Grey with Charcoal leather, black carpets and dark grey Alcantara headlining.

The car was used extensively as an engineering car by the Aston Martin research and development team throughout the DB7 Vantage program and because of who has driven the car during this period, those historical records are retained by AML.

It is stated that SDV19 was rebuilt by Aston Martin in 2002/2003 to what is now DB7GT specification excluding the exterior panels which remain as per DB7 Vantage. It was used as the ‘mule’ to develop the package that would become the last and most sought after of the DB7V12 range.

The first ten car produced were held back by Aston Martin for press and development requirements. The details are listed below:

  • 01 Totally unknown history
  • 02 SDV13 – Vantage Volante – now AMV8 Concept
  • 03 SDV14 – Sales Development Vehicle – fate unknown
  • 04 SDV15 – Sales Development Vehicle – fate unknown
  • 05 SDV16 – Sales Development Vehicle – fate unknown
  • 06 SDV17 – Vantage Volante – now Guigiaro 2020 Concept
  • 07 Totally unknown history
  • 08 SDV18 – DB7 Zagato Prototype
  • 09 SDV19 – DB7GT Prototype
  • 10 SDV20 – Vantage Coupe – Magazine Road test car

It is important to note that SDV19 is the only vehicle from the first batch that started its life and has remained a Coupe still in current use. An accompanying letter from Kingsley Riding-Felce confirms that SDV19 was used by Aston Martin as a development vehicle.

The moniker ‘SDV’ is the modern equivalent of the older ‘DP’ or ‘Development Project’ status given to cars used for further advancement of the model.

The specification includes:

  • Uprated engine ECU’s
  • GT brakes
  • GT suspension
  • GT 6-speed gearbox
  • GT short shift gear lever
  • GT differential
  • GT wheels
  • Sports exhaust
  • Large bore tail pipes
  • Becker satellite navigation
  • 2003 steering wheel
  • 2003 instrument surround
  • Carbon veneers
  • 2003 front grill
  • Clear side repeaters lamps
  • GT heater controls
  • GT time clock

Since late 2008 SDV19 has under gone extensive works by the current owner including:

January 2009

  • Replace door panel carpets
  • Cut and bind new front footwell carpets
  • Fit AM overmats
  • Fit correct nose badge
  • Fit correct rear badges
  • Fit trickle charger port

February 2009

  • Replace upper wishbone bushes
  • Replace anti-roll bar bushes

March 2009

  • Replace rear silencers with sports system – fit all new clamps and centralise exhaust through rear valance and over axle pipes clear driveshafts
  • Replace rear radius arm bushes with nylon units – repaint arms
  • Remove rear discs for grinding – refit and centralise calipers
  • Replace rear brake pad fitting kit
  • Inspect handbrake shoes
  • Drain and replenish differential oil and additive
  • Check all subframe bushes/exhaust mountings/etc.
  • Bleed entire brake circuit replenishing all fluid
  • Replace front anti-roll bar links
  • Check/reset steering geometry
  • Replace engine drive belt
  • Replace headlamp bonnet foams
  • Replace fuel tank filler seals
  • Carry out Trinity Engineering 7,500 mile service

June 2009

  • • Replace front windscreen
  • • Replace windscreen finisher
  • • Repaint wiper arms
  • • Replace washer jets

May 2010

  • Repaint front nose section
  • Repaint N/S/F wing
  • Repaint O/S/F wing
  • Repaint bonnet
  • Repaint N/S door
  • Repaint N/S/R wing
  • Repaint N/S sill cover
  • Repaint N/S front screen pillar
  • Replace front oil cooler mesh
  • Replace apron seal
  • Replace fog lamp rubber seals
  • Powdercoat all rusty and degraded under bonnet bracketry
  • Powdercoat front and rear brace bars
  • Powdercoat gearbox mounting
  • Powdercoat rear anti-roll bar
  • Powdercoat rear wing support
  • Powdercoat exhaust cruciform mounting plate
  • Replace damaged O/S window dropglass
  • Replace scratched N/S mirror glass
  • Replace degraded door pull liners
  • Replace damaged boot back panel
  • Replace damaged leather cloth on rear boot panel
  • Remove front discs for grinding – refit and centralise calipers
  • Replace Becker radio front panel
  • Underseal entire underside of car and wheel arches
  • Wax inject all box sections
  • Repaint main suspension components
  • Carry out Trinity Engineering 15,000 mile service

July 2011

  • Read and reset ECU codes
  • Replace forward lambda sensors
  • Synchronise throttle butterflies
  • Replace engine Vee mountings
  • Fit new six-shooter snubber bushes and washers
  • Replace all tyres with new Bridgestone SO-2 items
  • Clean and balance all wheels
  • Replace gearbox oil and flush all lines
  • Bleed brake circuit replenishing all fluid
  • Stitch rubber matting into front overmats
  • Carry out Trinity Engineering 7,500-mile service

August 2013

  • Replace centre console switches with new items
  • Replace battery
  • • Recharge air-conditioning system
  • • Armourfend headlamp covers to protect lenses

June 2016

  • Replace radiator with latest specification aluminium item
  • Replace engine drive belt and all pulleys and tensioner
  • Replace front and rear brake calipers with new items
  • Replace flexible brake pipes with Aeroquip items
  • Bleed entire brake circuit replenishing all fluid
  • Replace front wheel bearings
  • Replace upper and lower kingpin ball joints
  • Carry out Trinity Engineering 15,000-mile service

The car is currently presented in immaculate condition having covered less than 1000 miles since winning the Bloxham Class at the 2010 Aston Martin Owners Club Concours at Blenheim Place.

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