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ICE Installation

ICE Installation

We have all heard the terms, radio, tuner, CD, IPod, MP3, Sat Nav and Bluetooth to name but a few. Whichever system you are going to consider it boils down to installing components that can generate music, keep you connected to your mobile phone or show you how to get to your destination.

With ever changing technology it is difficult to keep up with the latest specification of parts available but the philosophy of installing these components at Trinity Engineering remains the same. It has to be done beautifully and particularly on the earlier Aston Martins, invisibly!

Whether it is a period Motorola radio for a DB5 that needs to be upgraded to an AM/FM tuner with an IPod connection or a Satellite Navigation installation to a DB7 Vantage, choosing the system that not only suits your needs but will suit the car is one of our specialities.

Over the years we have perfected the integration and fitting of modern equipment into any Aston Martin. In conjunction with our own trim shop we can manufacture all mounting bracketry, radio boxes, hidden panels and closures necessary. This allow us to discretely position head units, speakers, microphones and GPS antennas within trim panels allowing them to function properly without spoiling the natural beauty of the interior.

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