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Trim Repairs



However careful we are getting in and out of our cars there is always the possibility that at some point we will either wear through or damage part of the interior leather or carpet. Equally time will take its toll and the material will simply deteriorate. This is not the catastrophe you might think if like Trinity Engineering you have your own fully stocked trimshop with all of the materials needed to carry out these repairs effectively.

We identified that one in three cars that came into our workshops needed a repair to the trim in some form or another. Every type of repair from replacing a worn through drivers Wilton footwell carpet, to replacing a single section of seat back or piping rubbed as you sit down and replacing degraded seat foams or webbing that disintegrate onto the interior floors are fairly common place.

The majority of these repairs can generally be carried out without the need to completely retrim the interior thus not disturbing the existing patina. In the situation where a headlining is damaged or torn the whole lining would usually be replaced to ensure the visual effect is that of a new item. Materials, stitching and colourings used in the correct way can prolong the life of the interior of an Aston Martin for years to come.

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