DB9 Gearbox Overhaul

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

DB9 Gearbox Overhaul

We have recently encountered a very uncommon problem to the gearbox of a DB9 Volante. The owner experienced problems changing gear with what is usually a very reliable transmission unit. The problem was excessive slipping into gear during upshifts under acceleration and an accompanying harsh metallic noise when the gear change was executed.

Upon dismantling we established the series of three multi-plate clutch assemblies that control the slip had completely worn out and were unable to carry out their job properly. After a full gearbox removal, strip and reassembly with new clutch plates, bearings and serviceable items it is now just like new.

This gearbox failed at 35,000 miles and whilst unusual is not an isolated case. For peace of mind that the transmission in your DB9 is in good working order contact us on 01483 211899 to book your car in and have a health check carried out to your gearbox.