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The greatest thing about having worked on Aston Martins for over three decades is that we know exactly what to do to improve many areas of what is already a great car. When repairing Aston Martins that could be up to sixty years old there is no surprise that it will be behind in current technology in areas such as clutch type, suspension, braking efficiency, air-conditioning, and electrical equipment that we now take for granted on our modern cars.

For this reason, here at Trinity Engineering we have a large number of varied enhancements for the entire range of Aston Martins we service and repair. From the fitment of bespoke handling packages, power steering fitment on DB2/4 – DB6, brake upgrades including an all round brake disc conversion for the Feltham DB2/4 MKI – MKIII, modern in-car entertainment systems and sports exhausts.

There is so much choice for you an owner to personalise your car just as if you were deciding the specification had you been able to choose when your car was new. If like many of our customers you have chosen to use your Aston Martin as either an everyday or weekend car, then incorporating some modern equipment to make the car more usable on today’s busy roads makes total sense.

We have carried out so many upgrades over the years in response to some great customer ideas that it is truly impossible to list and describe them all. If you have an idea that is not on our catalogue of most popular enhancements then give us a call and describe what you had in mind. Likelihood is that we have already done something very similar.

Handling KitsHandling Kits

ICE InstallationICE Installation

Gearbox ConversionsGearbox Conversions

Braking UpgradesBraking Upgrades

Electrical EnhancementsElectrical Enhancements

Rally PreparationRally Preparation

Air Conditioning InstallationsAir Conditioning Installations

Power SteeringPowerSteering

Sunroofs DB4-DB6Sunroofs DB4-DB6

Sports ExhaustsSports Exhausts

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