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When your car is due for repairs whether they be minor or extensive the first thing that springs to mind is just how much it is going to cost. No-one has ever said running an Aston Martin and carrying out repairs which are outside the normal service regime would be a cheap exercise but you can take steps to keep yearly expenditure under control.

Every year during your cars service we would examine the many components to the engine bay, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes and so on creating an ongoing work schedule and we can evaluate whether any additional work needs to be carried out. This may be because that item is either worn out, an MOT issue, a safety issue or whether that particular component will not last until the next service. The work schedule is regularly updated and will be added to or deducted from each time we see your car depending on what work has been carried out.

From this assessment you as an owner can see what needs to be done to keep on top of problems and with an accurate breakdown of costs you will know precisely what needs to be spent to rectify those faults and maintain your car in the knowledge that it is consistently safe and enjoyable.

Larger repairs such as chassis corrosion, body and paintwork, trim repairs and the overhaul of major mechanical components are generally very large costs that need to be planned for well in advance. We are able to determine with high accuracy the likely magnitude of these costs before any work is undertaken.

Bodywork and PaintworkBodywork and Paintwork

Corrosion RectificationCorrosion Rectification

Fuel System ProblemsFuel Systems

Electrical ProblemsElectrical Problems

Trim RepairsTrim Repairs

Wheel RefurbishingWheel Refurbishing

Engine TuningEngine Tuning

Gearbox RebuildsGearbox Rebuilds

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