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Restoration is one of the most widely abused terms to describe any form of work undertaken to repair chassis corrosion, respray paintwork or retrim the interior. In truth, this is only a small portion of what restoration means at Trinity Engineering.

We have been restoring Aston Martins from DB2 model onwards ever since we opened our doors in 1999 and now have a large portfolio of completed cars which are now back being used by their dedicated owners and have also achieved when entered, great success in Concours events throughout Europe.

In truth the term restoration can be broken down into main two categories, full or part restoration. When a car comes in and it is either a ‘barn find’ or in such poor condition that a total restoration is the only sensible route forward then every single component of the car from chassis through to engine, brakes, suspension and right through to the instrumentation is dismantled, replaced, repaired, serviced or adjusted to get the car to as new condition. This process on say a DB4 or DB6 will take several thousand hours and take approximately two years to complete.

Part restoration is a whole different objective. This will encompass large quantities of work in a fewer number of areas of the car but to the same in-depth high standard as a full restoration. This will allow you to undertake only what work is necessary to repair that element fully in the knowledge that another area of the car may need similar attention in years to come and thus spreading the cost over the duration of your ownership.

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